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Do you feel like the new year brings new pressures to reset?

Join me for the Reflection Sessions. Over 3 weeks, we'll look at what 2023 meant for you:  what you learned, loved and what you let go of. On the final week, we'll discover your word 2024, the main intent you'll bring into the new year. 

* 3 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions

* 24% off to be $285 CAD!
* Available only in January 2024


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Why The Reflection Sessions?

New year, same old?

You ring in the new year, and go back to the same old, same old. You want something to change but aren't sure what. 2023 is slowly fading in the background, along with the lessons that came with it.

Do you feel resolution deja vu?

You set a resolution at midnight, feeling like you have to. But January hits, and before you know it, the resolution is tossed to the side. You aren't sure why or even if the resolution was really that important to you.

What's the benefit of the Reflection Sessions?

No 1

Looking Back, Moving Forward

By reflecting on 2023's lessons, you'll get clarity like taking off the sunglasses at night.

No 2

The Warm Fuzzies

Looking back shows you all the things you made happen and what you can do in 2024.

No 3

Make the Step Count

Taking time to know what's important in 2024 will set the foundation for your year.

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journey today!

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