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Drum Roll Please... Introducing the Ultimate Holiday Toolkit!

It's almost here!

The time of Santa, all day carols and everything’s 100% Christmas as you wander through the shops. It's a time for joy ... or is it?

Do you feel bah hum-bug?

This might be closer to how you feel. The holiday buzz is in full swing and you’re just not in the Christmas spirit that seems to be everywhere. You feel like you’re the issue. You shove the stress down and pretend you are having the best time.

52% feel this way too

First things first, you aren’t alone. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 52% of Canadians feel more anxious and lonely during the holidays. Other studies show 38% of people are more stressed at this time of year.


You Are Not Alone

If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or bah hum-bug...

you are not alone. 

I have experienced all these feelings too. This led me to learn more about the stressors and find tools that can help with each. All that is brought together in this free toolkit to let people like you know you don't need to shove the stress down during the holidays.

Throughout the toolkit, we’ll look at the 5 top stressors during the holidays, along with a simple tool to reduce overwhelm when you face them.

5 Top Stressors

#1 So Many Expectations

All the expectations and pressures start ramping up from everywhere.

#2 No Time!

There is 5000+ more events in the calendar and you got to get it done.

#3 Spend, Spend Spend

The holidays mean events, gifts and spend, spend, spend.

#4 Family Matters

Tis the season where you spend time with family 24/7.

#5 Feelings Lonely

You might fill alone in a busy room or be missing someone lost.


The Next Step

Access this free toolkit today here - it's the first step is seeing new possiblities to help with the stress and overwhelm you are experiencing this holiday season.

I hope this helps. I'm also curious to know what tool stood out the most to you. If you have any questions or comments at all, do send me an email at:

Until next time,


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