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are what the next two months are all about.

Turn your overwhelm around, waking up excited to take on the day.

As a cherry on top, you will discover what makes you tick and brings you joy.

The journey will take you step-by-step.


Behind The Scenes

We'll bring light to what is behind your overwhelm.


In a safe space, you are free to talk about how you really (really) feel about it. And how you speak to yourself.


Let's Make A Plan

We will create a plan that supports you when times get tough and enhances life's great moments.

It will be filled with tools that work for YOU and YOUR LIFE.


Find Your Joy

Not sure about what makes you happy?

We'll figure that out! What your priorities are (instead of someone else's), what makes you you and what brings you joy. 


Time Just For You

Our sessions are 100% about you. A space where you can be yourself fully.


You are seen, heard and can be honest about how you are really feeling.

What's included over two months?

1-on-1 Weekly Sessions

Eight one-hour digital sessions in a safe and confidential space.

*Sessions happen online via Google Meet. Please let me know if you prefer in person.

Support Plan

A plan filled with support, balance and joy to make part of your day.

Unique Affirmation 

An affirmation that will lift you up! That is unique to you and your life.

In-Between Session Email

An email mid-week of key takeaways and to see "how are you really?"

journey today!

journey today!

Start your

Start your

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