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Overwhelm features in all of our stories.

Here's mine. Stick with me, I figured it out and it got better.

Are you someone stuck in overwhelm?

I offer a two month 1-on-1 coaching program where we will reduce your overwhelm.

Are you a team leader at a busy workplace?

I offer a range of team talks, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching. Get in touch to collaborate.

Designs that speak to who you are.

I bring your design ideas to life from websites and brands to leaflets and cards.

Get back to the basics with the breath.

With us every step of the way, learn more about your breath and how it helps with stress.

The countdown is on.

There's 2 hours for 8 hours of work.

I am waiting for information.

The countdown is at 2 minutes.

I start to panic. I am still waiting.

I just need to focus and go, go, go.

The countdown is at 30 seconds.

Got it all. I rush to finish the deadline.

My hands shake as it is submitted. 


It was over. But overwhelm and stress were still showing up in more ways than one.

I walk in, someone's waiting.

I am met with a flurry of questions.

Can you help me now? NOW?

Everywhere I look, there is no time.

Work and home are pulling me.

I am tired but I have to keep going.

I'm fine. Really fine. But only I'm not.

I am stuck, my head is spinning.

My body is starting to say STOP.

I was tired, worried and tense. It was affecting my work and home.

 The overwhelm kept falling deeper then I had a light bulb moment.

I had power over my stress.

I started doing things that lit me up. 

From getting creative to meditation.

I built tools that supported me.

Especially for when things get hard.

I started to feel better each day.

Great things started to happen.

I was no longer stuck.

I was ready, excited for each day.


I felt like I was part of my life again. I was back in the driver's seat.

I loved my job again and was even better at it. I was 100% present with friends and family. I had more time to do things that brought me joy.

Let's get you back in the driver seat of your own life.

What is your overwhelm story?

Do you feel stuck right now?

I want to help. 

With stress and overwhelm on the rise, 

I help busy people and workplaces that are struggling with overwhelm.

Let's find tools that work for you

From mindfulness to coaching,

I have a backpack of tools to help.

As a Certified Empowerment and Breath Coach,
I am here to help you through your own overwhelm journey.

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