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Stuck running in

the daily grind?

Stuck running in

the daily grind?

Hello I'm Amelia!

I help busy people and workplaces amplify joy and reduce overwhelm within the daily grind.

Stuck on a hamster wheel?

You are juggling a million things. 

You feel stuck, all you want is time. 

Do you keeping hitting a wall?

That big task is up on a pedestal.

You're anxious, you can't even start.

If you stop, everything will?

That things fall apart if you stop.

You need someone to say you can.



Let's build tools that makes JOY instead of DRAIN your norm.

Having time you love.

Instead of binge watching to rest, 

you will know what brings you joy.

Be ready when things pile up.

Instead of spinning everywhere,

you will be grounded with a plan.

Be allowed to stop.

Instead of feeling guilty,

you will know when it's ok to.

 I have a backpack full of different tools that can help.

From breathwork to creativity, we'll discover the tools best for you.



Thoughts buzz like wasps ready to distract and fog daily action.

From breathwork to creativity, I have a range of tools which bring you back to the moment and your life.

Stress and Burnout

Burnout and Stress

We all experience stress but what do we really know about it?


I have learned tricks of the trade, understanding the stress cycle and how to get out of it in a healthy way.



Confidence isn't about constant happiness or I got this when you feel you don't.

Learn how to stop tearing yourself down and build yourself up, trusting that you know you got this.

Are you a team leader at a busy workplace?

I offer a range of team talks, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching. Get in touch to collaborate.

Are you someone stuck in overwhelm?

I offer a two month 1-on-1 coaching program where we will reduce your overwhelm.

Amelia provided a safe space to untangle the spider webs in my mind.
I was going through a lot of changes. Amelia gave me the space to be open and vulnerable. She is empathetic, a great listener and always was fully present during our sessions. I definitely recommend her!


Business Owner & Mom


Designs that speak to who you are.

I bring your design ideas to life from websites and brands to leaflets and cards.

Get back to the basics with the breath.

With us every step of the way, learn more about your breath and how it helps with stress.

Amy in the Woods Small-17.jpg

Overwhelm was my norm.

Overwhelm was my norm.

Then I asked for help.

Then I asked for help.

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